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www.legendsmasterclass.com was the website of a master class event that was situated in London UK. They held master classes such as the one between the 2nd of November and the 7th of November 2012 where clients enjoy the benefits of working with teachers of music and also 3 days of mentoring and jamming with a producer in a fantastic studio setting. The studio that was often used had the like of Lady Gaga rehearsing there and where George Michael had recorded.

Legendary team building

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Team morale is so very important in an group of individuals. Whether this be in the work place, school or club. For many managers the organising of a team day or event can be the straight forward but for others this type of event can be the stuff of nightmares. A good idea is to organise some team building activities that do not put people off right from the beginning. For example if you organise a team walk of 6 miles, around the local reservoir then you need to realise that this will not be for everyone. One idea is some scenario based activities such as the classic toxic waste activity or crossing the swamp. People may be reluctant but at least it is accessible to everyone rather than walking for 6 miles which may be out of reach sue to fitness for some.